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Franchise Services

We represent franchisors and franchisees in Ontario and other provinces within Canada.

Most lawyers treat franchise agreements as regular business agreements but franchise transactions are very specialized. There are time-bound rules governing franchise relationships in Canada.

Franchisors need to be certain that they have followed the mandatory cooling off period, they have not accepted any deposit or fee during the cooling off period, they have provided all disclosure documents and they have signed the disclosure certificate.

Franchisees need to understand what they are agreeing to. Franchisees must get their documents reviewed by a franchise lawyer in order to understand their obligations under the franchise agreement as well as their rights in an event of insufficient or defective disclosure by the franchisor.

We specialize in business law and franchise transactions. As part of our franchise practice, we review franchise and lease agreements for franchisees and prepare franchise documents for franchisors.

Our franchisor clients receive a checklist that helps them ensure that they have followed all requirements under the law.

Whether you are a new franchisor or first time franchisee, we are here to explain the law and help you navigate the franchise terrain.