Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada's Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Federal government’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a program that is designed in partnership with the Atlantic provinces of Canada. There are four Atlantic provinces in Canada- New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The program offers immigration opportunity for foreign nationals who are offered jobs by eligible employers in the Atlantic provinces.

Eligibility for Employers

To be eligible under this program, the Atlantic employer must have a confirmation of designation from the Province. The employer must also establish a partnership with a settlement service provider organization in the region where the job is available, to support the foreign candidate’s access to settlement services.

Different Programs

Employers can hire foreign employees under one of the three following programs:

  • Atlantic High Skilled Program: Jobs where candidates have prior experience in managerial, professional, technical or skilled job.
  • Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program: Jobs where candidates have high school education and prior job specific training.
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program: where candidates have educational credentials from a public funded institution in the Atlantic Province and have lived the Province for at-least 16 months (in last 2 years before getting the educational credentials).

All candidates must meet the language and financial criteria.

Applying for Permanent Residence

Once the job offer has been made and the job is endorsed by the settlement service provider, the candidate can apply for permanent residence. While the candidate’s permanent residence application is in process, the candidate can also apply for a temporary work permit.

To understand more about this process or to apply under this program, contact us.


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