Brampton Community Mediation Service

At Jham Law office, we believe in giving back to the community we serve. Meena Tewari Jham actively participates in various social and community projects.

 Brampton Community Mediation Services (BCMS)

Meena Tewari Jham is a founding member of BCMS, a free community service that helps Brampton community members to resolve their conflicts in a productive manner. BCMS is a volunteer service that helps neighbors, families, students and other community members to address their concerns safely and resolve conflicts amicably.
If you or the other community member reside in Brampton, you can approach BCMS to help resolve your conflict or address your complaints through mediation. Mediation is an informal conflict resolution option, which is private and confidential. Mediation is also a flexible process, which allows you to schedule meetings as per the convenience of all parties. A mediator is not a judge and the mediator’s job is to help all parties communicate safely and resolve their concerns productively.
All communication with BCMS is kept confidential.
Read more about BCMS and how it can serve you. Schedule a phone call with a BCMS volunteer.

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