Ontario Franchise law changes – 2020

Ontario is enforcing pending changes to its Franchise Legislation. The pending updates and changes to Ontario Franchise Law (Arthur Wishart Act) will be brought into force on September 1, 2020. In this article we have summarised the top five changes that the franchisors and franchisees should pay attention to. CURRENT LAW & REGULATIONS UPDATES AND…

Community Involvement Jham Law

Brampton Community Mediation Service

At Jham Law office, we believe in giving back to the community we serve. Meena Tewari Jham actively participates in various social and community projects.  Brampton Community Mediation Services (BCMS) Meena Tewari Jham is a founding member of BCMS, a free community service that helps Brampton community members to resolve their conflicts in a productive…


Incorporating a Company in Canada

A corporation (also referred to as a company) has a separate legal existence than its owners and is considered its own legal person. The rights and liabilities of the corporation are not the rights and liabilities of the shareholders.  As a separate legal entity, a corporation has the rights, powers, and privileges (and potentially the…


Registering a Partnership Business in Canada

    A partnership is created where two or more persons carry on business together with a view to a profit. There are mainly two types of partnerships – general (or ordinary) and limited. Registering a General Partnership  If the general partners do not have a specific partnership agreement, the provincial partnerships acts govern their relationships. …

Sole Proprietor

Sole Proprietorship in Canada

A sole proprietorship comes into existence whenever an individual starts to carry on business for his/her own account without taking the steps necessary to use some other form of organization, such as a corporation. You don’t need to register your sole proprietorship under any statute unless if you intend to use a name other than…

Canada's Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program The Federal government’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a program that is designed in partnership with the Atlantic provinces of Canada. There are four Atlantic provinces in Canada- New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The program offers immigration opportunity for foreign nationals who are offered…

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